Independent Study Abroad


independent-ge0-registration-web.pngComplete the Independent Study Abroad registration if you are a UNM degree-seeking student and the following conditions apply to you:

  • You will be participating in a credit-bearing academic program outside of the United States
  • The program you will enroll in is not organized by UNM or by a UNM partner institution or provider (if it is, you should find the program on the UNM Study Abroad Program Search Page and complete that registration instead)

This application includes an application fee, which you must pay in order to transfer the credit you earn abroad to UNM. If you do not plan on transferring credit from your program to UNM, you will register as an Independent Academic Travel.

Payment of the fee does not guarantee that your credits will be accepted for transfer or that they will count towards your program of study; you are strongly advised to confer with GEO and with your academic advisor before committing to participate in any non-UNM study abroad program.



If you are unsure if you need to register, which program you should register for, or have any issues with the registration process, please contact