Collaborative Virtual Exchange

The University of New Mexico (UNM) is committed to encouraging and supporting the development and implementation of Collaborative Virtual Exchange (CoVE) as a format for experiential cross-cultural learning. 


CoVE, also referred to as virtual exchange or COIL, is a new teaching and learning paradigm that promotes the development of intercultural competence across shared multicultural learning environments. Through the use of Internet-based tools and innovative online pedagogies, CoVE fosters meaningful exchanges between university-level teachers and students with peers in geographically distant locations and from different lingua- cultural backgrounds.

Our method links a class at The University of New Mexico with one at a college or university abroad. Courses are co-equal and team-taught by educators who collaborate to develop a shared syllabus that emphasizes experiential and collaborative student-centered learning. In most cases students are enrolled, charged tuition, and awarded grades only at their home institution. While the international component of the course takes place solely online, the individual courses may be fully online or, more often, are offered in blended formats with traditional face-to-face sessions taking place at both schools.

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