Non-UNM Participant

We are thrilled you are considering one of our international programs. UNM's study abroad programs attract students from large public universities, small private colleges, and community colleges all over the United States. 

Students from many different academic disciplines go on our international programs. No matter your interest, we can help find a program for you!

The method in which you apply will depend on whether you plan to receive academic credit or not:

  • Use the first tab if you are a Non UNM student planning to participate in a UNM Education abroad program and will receive academic credit through UNM and/or receive transfer credit from an international partner institution.

  • Use the second tab if you are a Non UNM participant participating in a UNM Education Abroad program and will not be receiving academic credit.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are happy to help!

Use information in this tab if you are a Non UNM student planning to participate in a UNM Education abroad program and will receive academic credit through UNM and/or receive transfer credit from an international partner institution.

1)      Communicate with your home institution: Contact your home institution’s international office (or international representative) and your academic department to let them know you are interested in studying abroad. Follow any processes your home institution may have.

2)      Passport: If you do not already have a passport or your passport will expire within the next year, please apply for a passport. Make sure to do this as soon as possible.

3)      Search for Possible Programs: Browse the UNM Study Abroad website for possible programs:

·      DO NOT click “apply now” until you are admitted to UNM as a Non-Degree student and have created your UNM NetID (See step 5 &7)

·      Take time to review program website for program details as well as the host institution website for courses.

·      Note: If you select a program labeled “Direct Enrollment or Non-UNM” you might be able to participate independently or through your home institution. You will want to talk to your home institution about credit transfer, financial aid, and not charging you tuition while in the direct enroll program.  In other words, you may not need UNM for these types of programs.  However, if you would like support from a UNM study abroad advisor (application guidance, pre-departure advice, flights and packing assistance), then you still need to follow the processes on this page.

4)      Contact a UNM Study Abroad Advisor: Contact the appropriate study abroad advisor, based on program region and type, to discuss possible program options:

·         Note: For Faculty-Led programs, please contact the faculty leader listed on the program page for approval before moving forward.

5)      Apply to UNM as a Non-Degree Student

6)      WAIT: Please wait until you are admitted to UNM before moving forward. This is an important step. If you try to apply to a program before you are admitted to UNM, you will need to re-apply once you are admitted!

7)      Once you are admitted to UNM and recieve your admission information, be sure to create your UNM NetID BEFORE you continue.

8)      Follow the 10 Steps: Once admitted follow the 10 step on our website:

·         At this point you can click “apply now” on the program you would like to participate in.

·         Your UNM study abroad advisor will provide you with a “study abroad action plan” that will guide you through your next steps, including the UNM study abroad application, health and safety materials, and international university applications.

9)      Communicate with your home institution: Throughout the 10 steps, communicate with your home institution academic advisor/department and international office to ensure the selected study abroad program fits into your academic plan and that your home institution will accept transfer credits from the international institution. Depending on the program, you may get UNM credit OR credit from an international institution. If your program is faculty-led, you may receive UNM credit, with some exceptions. If your program is direct enroll, exchange or intensive language, you will NOT receive a UNM transcript or UNM credit. You will receive a transcript from the international institution. It will be up to YOUR home institution Registrar’s Office to determine how the credits will be transferred in.

10)      Tuition: Tuition payment depends on the type of program you plan to participate in.

·      Exchange Program: Register in UNM course ISEP 888 and pay UNM tuition. 

·      Faculty-Led program: In most cases, register for the UNM course(s) listed on your program page. You will pay tuition for those courses to UNM. In some cases, the course will offer transfer credit from another international institution. In that case, tuition is paid to the international institution or affiliate provider.

·      Direct Enrollment/Some Language Programs: Resister in UNM course ISEP 999 and pay tuition directly to the international partner. No tuition is paid to UNM or your home institution.

11)   Financial Aid: For many programs, you may be able to use your current financial aid and scholarships (Ex. Lottery Scholarship) for study abroad. In the case that you are participating in a UNM exchange program, and therefore paying tuition to UNM, you will need to fill out a “Consortium Agreement” form with your Financial Aid Office at your home institution. This will allow your home institution to send your award package to UNM’s Financial Aid Office to help cover the cost of UNM tuition. 

Follow these instuctions if you are a Non UNM participant participating in a UNM Education Abroad program and will not be receiving academic credit

Go to the Non UNM Login page. In the middle of the page, click “New User Registration”

On the next page, there will be three options, select the last option, “I do not have login credentials to this site” then click the “submit” button.

Complete the requested information and click the “Create Account” button. You will receive an email with your temporary Login information.

Go to the Non UNM log in page and use your temporary login information to login. Once you log in, click on “applicant home” and complete the security questions. Click “update” at the bottom of the page. You will then be prompted to change your password. Click “applicant home” once again. Click the red “Edit Profile” button and complete your profile.

Once this is done, log out. 

If you have the link to the program you want to apply for, go to it. If not, return to the program search page and find the program you plan to apply for. On the program page click the red "Apply Now" button and follow the prompts.