International Course Equivalency Database

About the Database

The International Course Equivalency Database is a collaborative effort of UNM's Global Education Office, the Office of the Registrar, and Advisement to create a way for the user to search for how courses offered at exchange partners have counted at UNM in the past.

Using the Database

The user can narrow the search for courses by selecting  a "UNM Academic Department" and/or "Institution" on the left table.  The table to the right lists the courses transferred for the institution selected.  Double click a row in the left table to see record details.
This database of course equivalencies is based on historical information collected by the Global Education Office and does not include each and every course offered abroad. This database should be used as a guide and advising tool only.  The database is refreshed as new courses are approved and new programs expanded.
Comprehensive program information can be found through the program listing/search website and advisement with program coordinators.  Details on the course transfer process can be found here.