Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer Information

Welcome to the Credit Transfer Page! Having your credits transferred back to UNM from your education abroad program is simple, if you follow the four (4) steps below:

  1. Brainstorming - Coursework Planning Draft

  2. Course Selection - Pre-departure Course Equivalency Form

  3. While You're Away - Stay enrolled full-time

  4. Upon Return - Course Equivalency Form

Please remember that UNM’s Office of the Registrar, the Office of International Admissions and your academic department make the final decisions regarding how many credits will transfer from your study abroad program and how they will be represented on your degree audit (e.g. major credit, elective credit, etc.). The Office of the Registrar works very closely with UNM academic advisors, the Office of International Admissions, and the study abroad advisors to facilitate this process. Following the steps above will ensure that you are on the right track to receiving the credits that you earned abroad and you need for your degree at home. 


Coursework Planning Draft

While you’re working on your UNM study abroad application, you will need to fill out the coursework planning draft so you have an idea of what classes you might want to take while abroad at your host school. This shouldn't take too long. You just need to see that the school you have selected offers classes that are relevant to your area(s)/program of study. These do not have to be solidified until the next phase in the application process, so please don't stress this too much.

Here's what we recommend:

  1. Make a list of courses you have left to take here at UNM including required and electives. Highlight the upper division elective credits you have left to fulfill. In general, electives are easier to fulfill abroad than major/minor required courses, but not always. This list will make the next step in the process less stressful.

  2. Check to make sure at least some of your required courses and upper division elective credits can be fulfilled at the host university you are interested in. Ask yourself, does this university offer courses in [insert college or department where credits are needed]

In the next step (Course Selection), we'll ask you to look at the course catalog for your host university and compare what you need with what you will actually take there to be sure your courses transfer back as desired. At foreign institutions, course catalogs or class schedules are not typically released until a month or two prior to the start of the semester so don't expect to have a solid schedule ready far in advance.

Note: You can choose to take online classes at UNM, but you must still maintain minimum enrollment requirements of the host institution, which is typically equivalent to full-time study in that country. You will also be responsible for any additional UNM tuition charges for online courses.

Pre-departure Course Equivalency Form

After you have been accepted to study abroad through UNM, but before you leave on your study abroad program, you will fill out this form indicating the courses you plan to take. This will require finding course catalogs or course offerings during the semester you are abroad to the best of your ability. Remember, as with UNM, course offerings aren't typically posted until about a month prior to the start of the semester, so do your best and reach out to your host institution coordinators if you are having a lot of trouble. Once you have a few courses selected, you should meet with your academic advisor to be sure what you plan to take matches up with your degree track. In some cases, it may be possible to present syllabi you've found so that you can preapprove transfer credits as long as you perform well and pass the courses. Note: You must complete one course equivalency form for each academic department you wish to have credits transfer.

Here's what we recommend: 

  • As early as possible, learn about potential course options in the program in which you are interested. Check their website for course descriptions or request course syllabi from the program sponsor or host institution, understanding this may or may not be possible for some institutions.
  • Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to review your course options. Make your appointment early, as advisor schedules are often very busy as deadlines approach.

This process doesn't have to be long or daunting. Try not to procrastinate!

Stay enrolled full-time!

During the program, you should attend all class sessions and participate in class just like you do here at UNM and/or as required by your host school. Stay in touch and let your academic advisor know as soon as possible if there have been any changes to your proposed plan of study (i.e. if you take different classes than you discussed with your academic advisor).

To receive credit toward your degree, the University of New Mexico requires a minimum standard of academic performance (a "C", 2.0 on a 4.0 scale), so it is important that you attend class and perform according to the host university's standards, expectations and assessments. Grading scales in other countries vary, so you will want to research the common grade conversion scales. Your grades during your study abroad program are determined solely by the instructor and the host university. If you have concerns about the grading of courses while away, you are responsible for communicating directly with your instructors and/or the host institution. Be mindful that you must continue to meet any requirements for scholarships you may receive at UNM.

Please note: You should bring all course material back to UNM with you, including syllabi, work completed, essays and examinations, in case it is ever needed.

Course Equivalency Form

Once you have completed your study abroad program, and have returned to UNM for the following semester, UNM will need a copy of your academic transcript from your host institution. Once we receive this, your credits will transfer back to UNM as generic credits until you take this form to your academic advisor along with syllabi from your courses so they can grant equivalencies for UNM courses, if you weren't able to complete it prior to your departure. Through this process, your credits will be listed as transfer courses with grades. Once you complete this form, your academic advisor should send it directly to the Registrar at, copying for processing. They will contact your academic advisors directly if they have questions. You will see your credits in your LoboTrax Degree Audit, not on your UNM transcript since the courses are transfer credits. Note: You must complete one course equivalency form for each academic department you wish to have credits transfer.

Provide your host institution and/or program organizer the following address to send your official transcript:

Global Education Office (GEO)
Education Abroad
MSC06 3850
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
Phone (505) 277-4032
Fax (505) 277-1867