Jueves Cultural

October has been quite a stressful month considering that we just had midterms this past week. One thing I tend to do when it comes to exams or college in general is doubt myself and my abilities. In school it is easy to get carried away with the stress and pressure that comes with being a university student. The pressure seems to be very universal as other exchange students along with Peruvian students also feel the same.

Aside from that, university culture can easily vary from campus to campus. The Pontifical Catholic University (PUCP) is quite unique as I’ve attended a couple of events they’ve held throughout the semester. One of the luxuries of studying abroad is being able to meet new people as you engage with the different activities the city and university offer.

Each Thursday from 12 PM to 3 PM, there are no classes at this time since it is reserved as “Jueves Cultural” (Cultural Thursday). Throughout the whole university you will find different activities held by different departments, student organizations, local organizations, etc. It seems to be an effective way to get students more involved with their community as they are soooo many different opportunities presented every Thursday. Also, Jueves Cultural is a perfect time to blow off stress and hangout with friends.

Unfortunately, since I do not have any classes on Thursdays, I am sometimes off campus, but when I have been on campus I have had the pleasure of experiencing the Peruvian campus life.

The first Jueves Cultural on campus showcased traditional dances from different regions of Peru. Later on in the month (which was back in September) I went to another school event named the “Consorcio de Universidades” in which these same traditional dances and many more were performed by students from different universities in Peru such as PUCP, Universidad de Lima, Universidad del Pacífico, and Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredía. One thing I tend to do is go to events and not memorize too much of the information because I get so caught up in the moment, I apologize for not giving too many specific details about the dances but I will soon!

This past week, an Inkan rock band named UCHPA performed. This rock band performs their songs in Quechua (an indigenous language that is spoken in various parts of South America, primarily in the Peruvian Andes). The band was formed in 1991. At the performance they performed several of their songs in Quechua, along with that they have released their own albums. This band is proud of their indigenous heritage and showcase it through their music.

If you want to listen to more, follow this link: https://youtu.be/KoQJ0RnA2XY

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